Best time to travel to Hue

Welcome to Hue – The Ancient Capital Of Vietnam as well as capital of Last Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam. Hue is famous for architecture of mausoleums and palaces which are delicately ancient beautiful. The weather in Hue is diverse so let choose the best time to have a nice trip in Hue!

Climate in Hue is divided into four seasons with lovely names: Hue’s Spring, Beach Travel, Hue’s Autumn and Hue’s Winter. Speaking objectively, every season has specific points so anywhen you could go to visit Hue, this Ancient Capital will bring you interesting experience.

Trang Tien Bridge

From January to March, Hue is covered with lightly sunshine, fresh atmosphere and warm climate. In this time, cold atmosphere dissolves gradually to welcome spring and freshness of trees, grasses which brings tourists full energy city.

Are you finding festivals season in Hue? Don’t miss Hue in April because it is said that: “April is month of festivals”. On this occasion, tourists have chance see dreamy beauty of Hue together with lots of interesting activities. If Hue in other months is so peaceful, in April Hue is so noisy and bustle, which brings us strange feeling. At that time, the city is decorated with colorful items, thousands of art activities happen to give tourists Hue’s culture and unique points of the Ancient capital. If this is the first time you visit Hue, let go here in April to enjoy all its beauty.

Hue is famous for not only mausoleums and palaces but also beautiful beaches, traditional craft villages. If you like beach, don’t ignore from May to July! At that time, the weather is sunny which makes us tired so just coming to Hue you will have chance to strode on the white sand, be immersed in the white wave of Thuan An Beach or Lang Co Beach with legendary blue water.

Especially, from February to July is the ideal time to explore life of fishermen through Pha Tam Giang Pond, Lap An Pond or Truoi Pond. I’m sure that it is an interesting experience to enjoy local dishes as well as seeing the full sunrise on the sea.

Perfume River

In august – The month of autumn in Hue is too short to realize. In this month, there are lots of heavy rain, however, the ancient capital in rain looks like a nostalgic picture. In the nights, space around is peaceful and quiet makes us forget business from life, pressure from working. It is fantastic to enjoy Hue melody through traditional songs here while sipping a cup of Hue Royal Tea.

If you like winter, let come to Hue from September to December to enjoy sweet coldness in Hue. It is the time lots of rains happen most so seeing the Ancient Capital in rain has become one of unique characteristics in Hue. In this season, Hue weather is cold so let try grilled corn. potatoes or squid which makes your body warmer.

In short, Hue is beautiful in any season and every season brings you different experience. Hope that through my sharing, you will have answer for “best time to travel to Hue” as well as careful preparations to have a good trip to Hue.


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