Bui Vien Walking Street

Ho Chi Minh city, with its bustling lifestyle, packs a number of forms of entertainment represent Vietnam nightlight. Among them, Bui Vien walking street reflects the most spectacle of vice destination any foreigner must visit. Locally known as “khu pho Tay” or “the West” of Saigon, Bui Vien Street elicits decent rhapsodies that seem not to be missed on any Vietnam bucket list. And there are reasons for it.

Bui Vien Street

Bui Vien – A Vietnamese Mecca

Bui Vien is just an average street of about 1 km that only takes 8 minutes to walk through. It’s full of slipshod buildings made up and transformed into restaurants, massage parlors, pubs, hostels, budget bars, and travel agencies.

During the day, Bui Vien Street is a serene valley of eateries offering both local food and international cuisine. It gets more touristy after dusk, lighting the whole area with natives and backpackers.

Where is Bui Vien?

Bui Vien street is located in the heart of Saigon, reachable by foot, taxi, xe om, buses, and any means of transportation. It’s one street in the tourist area of District 1, among Pham Ngu Lao, De Tham, and Do Quang Dau.

On weekdays, Bui Vien opens the barriers for vehicles to enter. But on the weekend, it shuts at the cross with De Tham and Do Quang Dau after 6 pm to allow only walkers.

Bui Vien of Saigon nightlife

No place in Ho Chi Minh is more crowded than Bui Vien when night falls. It’s a place where people can buy the cheapest beer and chill until morning.

Along the street, it’s possible to dine with less than 2 dollars. The next delight is to settle on a tiny chair and grab a cold beer in any shop lined up on both sides.

To make it fancier, just walk into a pub, bar, or club vibrating the whole street with overlapping music.

In the Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife, Bui Vien is a place where a lone traveler can make a bunch of friends after one drink. Whether chilling alone or in a group, one will easier harmonize in the scene and share their journeys over the table.

Bars on Street

Steering to the narrow alleys piercing Bui Vien, it’s not hard to see tiny houses mining their own vein of cash via parking service, massage, take-away foods and drinks, and even homestay.

However, Bui Vien street is not only about drinking and getting high. It’s a paradise for all kinds of genuine delicacy. Travelers can easily find popular Vietnamese snacks like banh trang, street BBQ, crunchies, fries, and more to boost their street party.

Of course, interference from beggars is inevitable; the best way to deal is to ignore the people. It’s ok to get hungover in such a place but try to stay off fussy people and criminal involvement.

Bui Vien is a combination of leisure and primal desire. While drug dealers and prostitution are hiding under the line, visitors can always find their healthy way to enjoy the place and savor the vibrant atmosphere that the bright side of Bui Vien offers. We hope that our information will help you to enjoy your vacation in Vietnam, if you need more detail please contact us, our travel consultant will assist you at anytime.


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