Night Market In Hoi An

Visiting Hoi An, it’s not just about savoring the old vibe lingering in the ancient town and the serenity showing its breeze. At night, Hoi An swaps a different face that is more vividly in its night market.

So, what is the night market in Hoi An? Where is it? And why is it worth a visit? Find your answer right below.

Night market in Hoi An

Where is it?

To come to Hoi An night market, you need to cross the river to An Hoi islet. The market occupies the whole street of Nguyen Hoang. Therefore, the market has also got the name as Nguyen Hoang night market.

It starts around sunset when it’s time to light the road with hundreds of lanterns. That is when the place lives its buzzing and hectic life until late.

Hoian Night Market

What to do?


Like any market, Hoi An night market is an official place to shop and dine. On the 300-meter street, more than 50 vendors are offering a variety of goods.

Most of them are souvenirs and trinkets. You can find a large portion of these products are budget. Some of them are unique such as a rice charm with your name carved on it, buddha statues, crafts including cups, bowls, home decór, and more. Some vendors sell toys for kids and colorful items that won’t bore them out of the crowd.

One item that takes the whole spotlight of the market is lanterns. In Hoi An, lanterns are the symbol and standout gift to buy. Lanterns in Hoi An are available in a massive variation. They are different in size, shape, and color to make up a spectacular and exceptional collection when they are hung.

On the side, it’s easy to find silk scarves and many quality textile products. Clothing is one of the primary goods here with most of them suitable for tourists to merge in the tropical breeze of Hoi An.

Lanterns at night market


The night market of Hoi An is not a place for fancy dinners, but the cuisine here is exclusive in a genuine way. Dishes offered are typically ocean fish, prawn, squid, octopus, skewered pork, and beef to bring to BBQ. Small vendors have their chairs and tables for your sit. On the other, you can settle in a small restaurant and have your proper meal while watching streams of people.

Local snacks and drinks are the other fantastic side of the market. Things you can eat includes ice cream rolls, grilled dried squid, Vietnam pizza, fruit juice, sugar cane juice, crepes, and many more.

Food at Night Market

Bottom line

The Hoi An market is a destination to complete your night with delicious food and a dynamic atmosphere that is full of essential features.

Don’t hesitate to practice your haggling skills here. And also, it’s possible to find venues with terrace to watch the breathtaking view from above.

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