Top 5 Best Hiking Vietnam

Tourism in Vietnam has been booming in recent years. If you’re looking for a new destination with lots of entertaining activities to do, Vietnam is the place to go.

For those who are passionate about trekking, Vietnam offers a series of mountains with beautiful sceneries waiting to see you conquer. Grab your pack immediately and book the next flight to Vietnam.

What is trekking

“Trekking” is an outdoor recreation refers to a long and arduous journey in a selected location. Depending on the participant, lengths of treks can range from a few days to even up to a year. For trekking enthusiasts, we would like to introduce places to trek in Vietnam where nature lies untouched and routes ranging from easy to challenging.

Trekking in Vietnam

Essential items for climbing

You may think that climbing is easy, but it takes a lot of small preparations. It’s always best to write down the necessary things to pack so you can double check before departure. There are two most essential items when it comes to trekking. When trekking in cold areas, it’s crucial to pack comfortably in warm clothes. The second item is a pair of good quality shoes with a secure grip. It will reduce the chances of foot pain, especially if you are walking long miles, and keep you from slipping.

Other vital items include:

  • Torch
  • Water bottle
  • Raincoat
  • Gloves
  • First aid kit
  • Thick socks
  • Bug spray
  • Hygiene kit

Where to trek

1. Son Doong

Titled as the third largest cave in the entire world, Son Doong is a place for adventurous people to conquer, enjoy the vibrant and unique ecosystem. The cave is formed by the cracking process of limestone mountains, dating back 2 to 5 million years ago. Son Doong lies in the Son Trach commune in Quang Binh province. With a length of over 6 km and 200 km wide, there are incredible depths that are only a deal to people who wish for real adventures.

When entering the deep cave, you will admire the 2.5km long river stream of Rao Thuong flowing through as you make your way inwards. From trekking through valleys and deep darkness, every corner is an enchanting scene.

Labeled as “paradise on the ground,” exploring the Son Doong cave isn’t simple, but it’s a hell of an experience. The best time to travel to this cave is around February to April as it’s not too cold at night.

Son Doong Cave

2. Chu Yang Sin

Full of majestic natural landscapes, visitors can experience the beautiful mountains, forests, and highlands. Located in Dak Lak, the mountain is 2442 meters high, deemed the tallest mountain in Central Highlands.

After a heated session of trekking, you can indulge in the freshness of the waterfall at the foot of Chu Yang Sin. Inhale the fresh air as you listen to the sound of the water flowing. With the vast open space, there are many species of wildlife and melodious birds singing.

Get a deep taste of what serenity from a simple yet magical place in Chu Yang Sin is rewarding. The place is perfect for tourists who love to explore mother nature’s gift. Conquering the Chu Yang Sin peak will promise an unforgettable experience.

Chu Yang Sin Mountain

3. Fansipan

Dubbed as the Roof of Indochina, it’s the tallest mountain in Vietnam. Being a phenomenal mountain for climbers to touch the sky, Fansipan is situated about 9km away from the town of Sapa. Since you will be crossing forests and streams, it’ll take a minimum of 5 to 6 days to accomplish.

Spoil your taste buds with the exotic taste of jackfruits at the foot of the mountain. The place is home of 330 species of orchids; you can explore the broad array of plants and flowers here.

When peaking FanSiPan during sunny days, you can enjoy the breath-taking scenery of forest trees, valleys, cliffs and lines of mountains.

Fansipan Mountain

4. Ta Lien Son

Discovered in Lai Chau province, this mountain is one of the most ancient forests in the area. With a height of 2993 meters, Ta Lien Son has become one of many famous attractions for tourist who want to witness the raw beauty of the northern mountainous province.

The community consists of 3 main ethnic groups: Kinh, Mong, and Dao. All living under the green forest leaves, it’s where extremely rich vegetations thrive in all different tones. Ancient trees with foliage covered with moss and fern, it’s an authentic fairytale setting for all climbers to testify.

Ta Lien Son Mountain

5. Pu Luong

Considered as one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the northwest of Thanh Hoa province, it’s a trekking point that is loved by many young people. Covered with astonishing waterfalls and eco-friendly forests, it altogether forms a raw and untouched landscape. Pu Luong’s peak is at 1,700 meters high and is accomplishable in around 5 hours. It welcomes you with a refreshing and pleasant atmosphere, especially if you visit during mid-summer.

Explore all the nearby forests and get a close-up view of the terraced rice fields from above. The beauty can hardly convey in words; you need to experience it yourself.

Many tourists wake up early to see the early sunset between the dew. An overall overwhelming experience that one must encounter.

Pu Luong

When to trek

It’s essential to avoid trekking during rainy seasons. As the mountain slopes will be extremely slippery and cold, the added fogginess will prevent you from observing the breath-taking view. The best time to climb is around the beginning of the year as the air is not too hot like during summer time. It’s a period where flowers are blossoming. Encounter a picturesque landscape of colorful forests.


Now that you’ve had an overview of the beautiful places to trek in Vietnam, it’s time to immerse yourself in the historical and architectural spacing. A long journey with friends will surely bring new memories and experiences. Whether you’re walking through the mountains of Sapa or experiencing the vibrant local culture, there’s always something great that keeps you attached to Vietnam. Plan your trekking trip today.


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