Travel to Vietnam from Australia

Australia is one of the top ten countries with the highest number of tourists and travel spending to the Southeast Asia market, including Vietnam. That contributes to promoting socio-economic exchanges.

Also, on Luxury Travel Magazine, Australia, an author brings a vivid perspective on the landscape, lifestyle, country and people of Vietnam to tourists so that they have a more realistic, closer look, and feel the authentic beauty of Vietnam.

Are you anxious to set foot in our beautiful country?

Immediately update the essential information offered in the “Tourism handbook from A to Z- Travel to Vietnam from Australia.” We’re eager to share with you and bet you will need them. Read it now!

Vietnam overview

If you desire to have exciting experiences in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is truly a wonderful place you can’t miss out. It's no exaggeration to say that Vietnam probably leads the list of points that need to visit at least once in an Australian traveler’s lifetime.

Why is that? This can be attributed to a host of reasons.

On top of that, there are many luxurious restaurants and hotels, stunning beaches, breathtaking landscapes, rolling and lush green hills, dense forests, national parks, charming island offshores, etc.

What’s more, Vietnam is well-known as a culinary paradise. Coming here, Australian visitors will have opportunities to enjoy a variety of cuisine such as Pho, Hanoi bun cha, Nhatrang baked rolls, and so on.

Besides the crowded and bustling cities, Vietnam has tranquil villages with immense and green fields. Coming to these places, you can witness the terraced fields standing out on the lush green background of the vast forests that anyone seeing will not be captivated.

Halong Bay

Regarding architecture, there is an abundance of ancient temples, stupas, and Zen, which contain many historical and cultural meanings. Plus, there are many gorgeous churches around the cities.

In regard to clothes in Vietnamese daily lives, there is an apparent change in our modern life. Before visiting Vietnam, visitors will think that the popular costume of Vietnamese women is always associated with Non La and Ao Dai because they are considered as a symbol of Vietnamese women. Nowadays, however, Vietnamese dresses have also shifted a lot to suit modern life. Innovative outfits, diversified in designs and materials from various domestic and foreign brands, have contributed to the beauty of Vietnamese women.


Visa to Vietnam for Australian people

The most vital thing when traveling to another country is a visa. To entering Vietnam for tourism purposes, similarly, Australians need to obtain a visa.

There are different methods to obtain a Vietnam visa, but the fastest and safest way is connecting to our Travel Expert. Just following a few simple steps:

Step 1: Send us your information at least a week before your trip

Step 2: print out the Visa Approval Letter as soon as we sent to you.

Step 3: take the Visa Approval Letter copy in hand, with you to your fight

Step 4: present your Visa Approval Letter to the immigration clerk at any Vietnamese airports

Visa Approval Letter save up your money and avoid the unexpected nuisance. They work on within 30 days. Remember that they are only single-entry, so if you want to re-enter Vietnam within a month, you will have to inform us to get the multiple-entry to reenter our country.

Visit the follow link for more information about Visa:   

In addition, if you desire to apply for a visa in person, you can do at the Vietnam Embassy in Australia.


Email: [email protected]

Address: No. 6, Timbarra Crescent, O'Malley, ACT, 2606, Australia

Exchanging foreign currency service in Vietnam

Vietnam Dong (VND) is accepted in purchasing transactions in Vietnam. Australian visitors can exchange money at several places, such as hotels, restaurants or Vietnamese banks.

You should not prepare VND before having a Vietnam trip as the exchange rate in your country may not be favorable, sometimes.

Update exchange rates via the attached link


Note: Be careful when exchanging unofficial places like jewelry and souvenir shops.

Or, even better, Australian citizens may get an account bank in your home country that enables refunds on ATM transaction fee. You can use ING, Orange Every Account only. Plus, some reputable banks offering this service, namely City, Plus Transaction Account only (Worldwide), and HSBC, Everyday Global Account only (Worldwide).


Flights from Australia to Vietnam

Flights from Australia are arriving in Vietnam daily out of Melbourne and Sydney airports. Bear in mind that you have to fly into one of Vietnam’s two international airports, including Hanoi International airport (HAN) and Ho Chi Minh City International airport (SGN).

 You wish to find cheap flight tickets; we are here to help you! If you want to talk to a consultant in person, hit to your nearest travel agency or flight booking office, where they will offer many ideally different options to you.

With various choices and the convenience of online, however, why don’t you check out one of these available websites below:

Vietnam Airlines:

Sky scanner:

Virgin Australia:

Vietnam Airlines

How to get into your accommodation from the airport

The distance from the Airport to the city center only 25 KM, it takes 40 minutes by car. You would choose to transfer by private or public buses. The is a high-quality express bus 86 from Noi Bai Airport to the Old Quarter Hanoi. This buses run between 6:18am and 8:28pm, once every 25 minutes cost 35.000VND/person. Following are the drop off route: Terminal 1 -> Terminal 2 -> VAECO Company –> Au Co Street – Nghi Tam Street -> Yen Phu-> Long Bien Transpoint station -> 142 Tran Quang Khai Street –> Hanoi Opera House -> Ly Thuong Kiet Street -> Hanoi Train Station.

For your best convenience, please contact us to save time and cost also ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Famous and gorgeous destinations in Vietnam

Vietnam has countless different tourist locations where Australian travelers can choose to stay. We will list out the collection of Vietnamese attractions that enables you more natural looks to select.


The top attraction of our list is Hanoi. It is a gorgeous city that is a must-visit in Vietnam. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is the combination of ancient beauty and modern one. Not only is the city famous for stunning landscapes, but it’s also well known for delicious cuisine.


Australian tourists who wish to experience the hustling and vivid nightlife, come to Saigon. Here have dozens of cool bars, English-language shops, restaurants, street food spots, flea markets, and so on. Most of those places open until late into the night.

Golden Bridge


When it comes to Danang, it is always referred to as the most beautiful tourist city. The mild climate turns this place like a paradise. What’s more, local people hold many festivals giving Aussie tourists a lot of opportunities to experience activities bearing the Vietnamese national culture. Plus, Mother Nature has bestowed on Danang breathtaking landscapes such as Ba Na Hill, Son Tra Peninsula or My Khe Beach.


The life of the place is tranquil. It seems that the flow of time cannot bury the ancient atmosphere. The old roof tiles covered with moss, the streets flooded with the red of the lantern will take visitors back to the past several hundred years ago.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang has long been an ideal destination for many domestic and foreign tourists, including Australians. Come here to immerse yourself in the endless stretches of crystal blue sea, take part in the thrilling games, enjoy the meaningful vacation in the miniature Disneyland - Vinpearland paradise, and multitudes of other fascinating things welcoming tourists from Australia.

What will Australians eat when traveling to Vietnam?

If Australian travelers wish to find food yourself and learn more about Vietnamese dishes, check out our recommendations! Here are some symbolic links from our site:

Hanoi Street Foods Culture:



Another effective way to get started on a city’s street cuisine scene when traveling to Vietnam is booking a street food tour. Food tourism is definitely popular in Vietnam. We’re sure that you will have exciting experiences when taking part in these tours.

Sping Roll

Useful Vietnamese words and phrases

It is better if Australian visitors can speak a few simple words and phrases when visiting Vietnam. That not only shows the eager of yours when visiting Vietnam but also helps you break the ice with local people.

Many Australians find that Vietnamese is a very challenging language because of its 6 tones. If you make a real effort to learn some basic words and phrases, though, it will make you feel accepted by locals around you.

You could easy learn some follow sentences to use during your vacation in Vietnam.

Hello = Xin Chao

How are you? = Ban Khoe Khong

Thank you = Cam on

Sorry = Xin Loi

No Problem = Khong co gi

Goodbye = Tam Biet

No, Thank You! = Khong! Cam On

Can you speak English? = Ban noi tieng anh duoc khong?

How old are you? = Ban bao nhieu tuoi

I am 30 years old = Toi 30 tuoi

What is your name? = Ten ban la gi? 

My name is… =  Ten toi la…


We hope, with full of useful information mentioned above, both new and experienced travelers to our country may utilize your time maximally to plan and enjoy a perfect Vietnam trip. Come to Vietnam- the land of marvel!

And if you have any questions about our topic today, don’t hesitate to leave your message to Our Expert. Thanks for reading.

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