Vietnam Travel Tips | Things to know before your trip

With various soaring mountains, endless exotic rice paddies, busy streets, and charming landscapes, Vietnam is commonly well-known as a must-try country in Southeast Asia.

Despite having a breathtaking beauty, Vietnam provides visitors many challenges, some of them come back to their hometown with tales of complexities and scams. This article will suggest several essential tips for you to avoid during the trip to Vietnam

Key things before your Vietnam trip

Visa for Vietnam

The first important thing you must notice is the visa and the answer to the question “What do you need for a Vietnam visa before taking a Vietnam trip?” because many visitors who land Vietnam without any ideas about what they have to do for their visa. 

You can check at Vietnam Immigration Department for checking and knowing what you should do. You are advised to make sure that you bring the visa and cash with you! 

More information about Visa as follow link: Vietnam Visa

Vietnam Visa

Information about location

Before the trip, you should do some researches about the place where you are going to stay and take note of some important location information, which includes the review from others who have experienced, the public transport or transportation tips here to save time when you arrive. 

Currency exchange

The Vietnamese dong is the Vietnam national currency and it is written as “đồng.” At the time of this writing, the exchange rate is that $1 is equivalent to 23,200 VND.

You also can check the exchange rate at: or

Being a traveler, you are really confused when dealing with many zeros in Vietnam currency. Moreover, there are some similar currencies in terms of color such as 20,000 VND and 500,000 VND since they are both blue.

Vietnam Dong

That is the reason why it is easy for a visitor to take the wrong bill. The tip here for you is to remember and check money carefully before using them, or you can use credit cards as a backup. 

Be a smart map-user

As mentioned above, there are lots of busy streets in Vietnam, especially in cities or urban centers, so you easily get lost. The advice is you should have a map with you or you can use GPS and Google Maps to help you be on the right track. 

Street Shopping

It is believed that shopping in Vietnam is really cheap and street shopping is always available everywhere.

However, the most essential point is to negotiate with the sellers as with other Asian countries.

It is because the sellers will overcharge the price of products when they feel they can get more money from foreigners. Be careful, be smart, everything will be negotiable! 

Road crossing in Vietnam

Almost streets in Vietnam are filled with vehicles such as cars, bikes, or motorbikes, this is the reason why accidents commonly happen, especially in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Many foreigners are really scared of crossing the road. They always struggle due to the crazy amount of traffic passing by. I am sure that you are familiar with crossing the red light of Vietnamese citizens.

My method for you is to always keep your pace slow all the way and all the time or you should go with the Vietnamese people who are crossing the street to be safer. 

Vietnam SIM Card

Many options for buying a new SIM card are offered to you when you are at the airport. You can choose to use Mobifone or Vietnam Mobile to take as many advantages of service as you can. The SIM card can help you in emergency situations through several phone numbers: 

113: Rapid response police 

114: Fire service

115: Emergency medical services 

One more advantage of the SIM is you can access the Internet by using 3G or 4G data when you do not have the wifi. 

Vietnam Sim Card

Accommodation in Vietnam

You are advised to check the review online before going for a trip to find out the suitable hotel or hostel for you.

But booking the accommodation online or booking tours through the hotel is not a good suggestion because they will inflate price when you do that. You can have a better deal when you book something directly with the host. 

Be careful with your belongings

It is undeniable that Vietnam is a safe country to visit, people are all kind and non-violent, there is almost no crime here. However, a thief is extremely popular in this beautiful country, especially pickpockets. To protect your staff, please: 

Be careful with your expensive items 

DO NOT use your phone on busy streets, buses

DO NOT put all money and valuable things in one pocket


There are numerous taxi and “xe om” scams in Vietnam and drivers know how to trick and overcharge you - foreign visitors.

You can use your Google Maps to find the best route and check the price in small towns or you can take a Grab taxi or bike to go for a cheaper cost in the big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City.

It is easy to take one because many of them are available on the streets or everywhere in these centers. 

The most common way to travel is the coach since it is quite cheap and comfortable, available as well. You can book or buy a ticket in advance at your hotel or hostel. 

The city buses are not advised for foreign visitors because it is extremely crowded and there are many pickpockets there.

If you are confident with your driving, you can use a motorbike to travel through Vietnam by yourself, I am sure that it will be memorable. You can rent one from our hotel, and then give it back when you finish your route. 

Make a food list

Cuisine plays a very significant role in Vietnam tourism because of not only historical values but also pleasant taste. 

Hanoi is considered the place with the most delicious dishes and the best price. There are a variety of restaurants or places where you can get any types of food you want, including vegetarian food. 

Street food is one of the most famous features in Vietnam and you cannot miss it if you would like your trip will be joyful. The tip for you is to choose stalls where the Vietnamese people go most, it will be the most delicious one!

Vietnam is also well-known as a coffee country. Although the coffee is super tasty, it quite strong for the one who is not familiar. You can try the cheapest coffee at street vendors. The must-try one is egg coffee in Hanoi, which attracts many foreign travelers all over the world because of the special and unique taste and smell. 

Below is the list of food that you must-try one time when traveling to Vietnam: 

Pho ( Phở)

Bun Cha (Bún Chả) 

Banh Mi (Bánh Mì) 

Banh Xeo (Bánh Xèo) 

Goi cuon (Gỏi Cuốn)

Mi Quang (Mì Quảng)

Banh Cuon (Bánh Cuốn)

Final thought

Each country has advantages and disadvantages for foreign people to pay a visit, but I believe that Vietnam is one of the best and safest countries for you to travel to due to its stunning natural beauty, tasty food and hospitality of local people. I hope that those Vietnam travel tips above are useful for you and they can help you make a memorable time in this interesting country. If you would like any further information, please don't hesitate to contact Us.


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